April To Be Read List

I love April! I get excited about warmer weather, sitting on my porch watching fireflies twinkle at dusk, and walking barefoot in the grass. My kids will play outside until literally the last ray of light is forced below the horizon if I let them. I love it because I can sit on the porch swing and read!

Therefore, here’s my April to be read list. I have four books I’d love to read this month. Four for me, after having children is really ambitious and I am excited for a little challenge.

First: Ghosted By. Rosie Walsh

Technically, I started this in March…but I am still reading it (almost done), so I am considering it an April read. So far I LOVE IT! I love the unknown, the suspense, all tied into a love story. The best genres all in one!

Second: Something in the Water By: Catherine Steadman

I am truly excited to start this one. I’ve heard so much about it already from fellow book lovers. It will definitely be a wine in the bathtub read for me! For some reason, books that seem really creepy I feel the need to read them there! (LOL) Just the synopsis already has my mind going about what could be happening here.

Third and Fourth: Miracle Creek By: Angie Kim and Normal People By: Sally Rooney

I actually don’t know much about either of these books yet. I decided to subscribe to Book of The Month per a recommendation from a friend. We are going to try our first “buddy read” with these. Can’t wait to see how that turns out!

Happy April reading friends!

April showers…leave lots of time for books! 😉 #yallneedbooks

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