Wild At Heart

If you loved The Simple Wild (the prequel to this one), you will enjoy this extension of Calla and Jonah's story. I love the characters and the setting. K. A. Tucker is a master setting weaver. She makes you feel like you are wrapped up in the Alaskan culture and life. The whole time I [...]

Mini Review

I have never read any Christina Lauren (did you know that this is actually two different people?!), and I'm truly wondering why the hell not?! I finished Love and Other Words recently and I absolutely adored it! In the past, I haven't been much for romance. I often find them (for lack of better word) [...]

Summer Reading Lists! @booksparks #booksharks #src2019

Summer Reading Lists! @booksparks #booksharks #src2019

Let me tell y'all...It's gettin' HOT in here (okay, sorry for the Nelly reference but I had to!) * LOL But for real, it is already hitting the 100's here in good ol' North Carolina. Therefore, we find water whenever we can! The lake, the beach, the pool, the backyard with hose and sprinkler...literally, anywhere!!! [...]