First Frost By: Sarah Addison Allen

First Frost By: Sarah Addison Allen

This was the first book I have read by Sarah Addison Allen, and as soon as it was over I ran out to buy more of her books! I love finding North Carolina authors, while she does not currently reside in NC, she is from one of my absolute favorite places...Asheville! Her life story is [...]



Today I started really thinking about my reading habits, and my decision to start sharing more with others; what I'm reading, why I love reading, and using this as a creative outlet. I've always felt this pull inside me to "create" things. Whether it be drawing, writing, physically creating crafty type things, photography (albeit I [...]


Hi! I am starting this book blog as a creative outlet for my love of books! I have always been a reader. As a young girl, I would come home from school, grab a book, and go lay in the hammock under the oak trees and read until dinner. I am a North Carolina native, [...]