Lights All Night Long By Lydia Fitzpatrick #bookreview #yallneedbooks @lydia_fitzpatrick_david @ PenguinPress

Lights All Night Long By Lydia Fitzpatrick #bookreview #yallneedbooks @lydia_fitzpatrick_david @ PenguinPress

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Press for my early reader ebook copy of Lights All Night Long By Lydia Fitzpatrick! This was totally out of box as far as what I normally read. I do love a good mystery, but not so much the thriller side of those. This book is also set in [...]


Today I started really thinking about my reading habits, and my decision to start sharing more with others; what I'm reading, why I love reading, and using this as a creative outlet. I've always felt this pull inside me to "create" things. Whether it be drawing, writing, physically creating crafty type things, photography (albeit I [...]


Hi! I am starting this book blog as a creative outlet for my love of books! I have always been a reader. As a young girl, I would come home from school, grab a book, and go lay in the hammock under the oak trees and read until dinner. I am a North Carolina native, [...]